Our Story

I may not be a painter, but I enjoy displaying my eye for artistry in the beach towels I create. I take great pleasure in being able to share my love for art and affinity for artists without saying a word. The towels say it all, showcasing my deep passion for the visual arts. I decided to bring together art and towels because ever since early childhood, the beach has evoked strong emotions for me. Growing up in Brazil, I remember spending long days at the beach swimming and splashing around. They continue to be some of my best memories to this day.


As an adult, I continue to be drawn to the shore, so when I had this vision of being able to take my favorite artwork off the wall and bring it with me wherever I went, beach towels were a natural fit. After talking with friends and family members who are artists, we decided to collaborate on various beach towels, discussing the mood board, color palette and details of the artwork. These artist collaborators bring my vision to breathtaking reality in ways that I could have never imagined when we first started this project.


I’m proud to be able to shine the spotlight on these wonderful artists and love it when customers tell me that the product is too good to use as a towel. Instead they prefer to gaze at the painting while using it as a throw, wall hanging or blanket. Those who do use the piece as a towel absolutely adore it! They are delighted by the blended fabric that offers high water absorption. It warms my heart knowing that the artwork they worked so hard on is being appreciated by the public.


Founder of Uriel Boutique Art Towels