Our Story

The inspiration behind the collection started when I was a child growing up in Brazil. I used to spend most of my time swimming and playing at the beach, where my mother—S. Regina—used to sell her paintings at the local markets, trying to make a living from tourism. I saw her struggle and the difficulty she faced alongside other humble, talented and aspiring artists, to have their art exhibited and appreciated by the public. The collection was born out of my commitment to give aspiring artists a platform to showcase their beautiful art. My product is art that wraps you.​

Founder of Uriel Boutique Art Towels

About the Artist


S. Regina is like a phoenix, a bird which according to legend isn’t afraid of rebirth. After following the wishes of her family and training as a lawyer, S. Regina felt compelled to express her creative talent through art. Going against her family’s wishes, she gave up a great legal career for her heart to become an artist – a professional rebirth, which has brought her much joy and fulfillment.   

Ever since she was little, one her greatest desires was to visit Italy and see the country’s beautiful architecture and spectacular scenery. Although she has never traveled there, her love of Italy inspired her to paint images which she saw on postcards and in magazines. It was here that her artistic journey began.

S. Regina loves the beach and always dreamed about being able to wake up early every day and swim in the ocean. This dream came true when she moved to a picturesque fishing village in her native country Brazil, where she currently lives. Almost every day she swims in the ocean, walks along the beaches and converses with local fisherman and members of the small community.

Her lifestyle and the natural beauty of north east Brazil provides her with a lot of inspiration for her art. Many of her works contain colourful images of flowers, which she considers to be the most beautiful elements of nature, symbolising love and harmony.  

Her paintings are unmistakenly rustic and a complete expression of her creativity.