Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Company

What is URIEL?

We are an Australian owned and operated company that sells artistic microfibre beach towels. Our company is named after its founder – URIEL. The name was chosen because of its uniqueness and the story it represents – ABOUT

Why should I order a URIEL artistic microfibre beach towel?

We’re glad you asked! Our customers order for a variety of reasons, but especially because our towels just so beautiful and they’re drawn to the artwork. They’re also very unique, decorative, highly practical and they turn heads at the beach.

Our towels are made from microfibre, which is a blend of high quality material that is ultra-absorbent to water. This means they dry really fast and the sand doesn’t stick to them like it does with terrycloth towels.

They are compact, lightweight and come in a little mesh bag for easy transport and storage.

What is the concept behind the company?

Our concept is: ‘Art that wraps you’.

Nowadays almost everything that is produced has been graphically designed using computers. We have moved away from this by collaborating with real artists to design and paint real artwork, which is then innovatively printed onto the towels.

We strongly believe that art doesn’t just belong in an art gallery or on the walls of your house. Art can be used and showcased in many different ways. We have taken art off the wall and displayed it on our versatile beach towels.

Every time you wrap yourself in our towel, you are in fact wrapping yourself in beautiful art, which is precisely our concept – ‘Art that wraps you’.

Can I use them for other purposes besides beach towels?

Of course! Our towels are completely versatile. You don’t have to use them exclusively for the beach. You can use them as an every day bath towel, a towel for travelling or camping, a yoga mat, a picnic mat, as a throw when the weather is cold, or even to decorate your house.

About Our Products

What are the towels made from?

They are made from microfibre, a high quality fabric composed of 20% polyamide and 80% polyester. This blend of fabric is ultra-absorbent to water, which means our towels dry very quickly.

What is the size of the beach towels?

Our towels are a generous size: 1.75m x 0.95m. They are large enough for good coverage, but still compact enough to fit into a small mesh bag.

What do the beach towels feel like?

They feel soft and silky to the touch. When they get wet they don’t become heavy and “sticky” like traditional terrycloth beach towels, so the sand slides right off when you give them a good shake.

Shipping Information

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping is currently only available for purchases within Australia. All shipping within Australia is via express post.

For purchases outside Australia, our international shipping rate is $AUD 20.

How long will it take to get it in my hands?

For purchases within Australia, orders are shipped within 2-3 business days and generally take 1-3 days to arrive depending on location.

For purchases outside Australia, orders are shipped within 2-3 business days, but shipping times can vary depending on location. They typically take between 5 to 15 business days, but will be confirmed at time of order.

Returns and Exchanges

Can I get a refund if I wish to return my towel? Can I exchange for another design?

Yes! If you receive your order and are not satisfied for any reason, you can return the product for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Likewise, if you change your mind you can exchange your towel for another design.

To be eligible for a refund or exchange, your towel must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

What do I need to process my refund or exchange?

We require a receipt or other proof of purchase. Without this, we will not exchange or issue a refund.

Payment Details

How do you protect my payment details?

Our website uses a secure payment method and we do not keep or store your payment details.