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Why are Uriel microfibre towels perfect for the beach?

Our choice of microfibre material has many advantages. We designed them to make sure they are sand-free, lightweight, compact and ultra absorbent. Whilst ensuring they are perfect size to use as beach towel, blanket or a piece of art.

Are Uriel microfibre towels really sand free?

Yes! All you need to do is shake the microfibre towel and the sand will fall off much easier than a conventional towel due to the absence of stickiness on the fabric.

Are Uriel microfibre towels really light and compact?

Yes! We made our towels light- weight, approximately 350 grams, and compact. It is very easy and practical to carry around … so no more big, bulky towels. However, because our towels are so light-weight, a concern was that they would fly away on a windy day. So to address this, we have added an extra functionality to our towels. We’ve included a special tag that you can simply clip and connect to the carry bag. The carry bag also serves as a pouch to put your phone, keys, water bottle or any other items inside of to create extra weight and to hold down your towel while you swim and enjoy the water.

How can Uriel microfibre towels be absorbent as well as fast drying?

The microfibre material is made from a blend of polyamide fabric and polyester. Polyamide is a highly absorbent and comfortable material. While, polyester is resistant to water and is able to dry much quicker than normal towels by transporting / expelling the water from its fibers to the atmosphere. The combination of these fabrics results in a highly absorbent and very quick drying material. It’s a perfect match!

Why are Uriel microfibre towels so versatile?

Because it has many qualities. Not only is it compact, quickly drying and ultra absorbent, it also takes exceptionally less space for storage. It is also very comfortable and smooth on the skin, only needing brief contact to dry the skin. It dries much faster than a conventional towel, which stays sand-free with just a simple shake of the towel. It really is a perfect blend of material. Due to its larger size compared to a conventional towel, it can also serve as a small blanket for the beach or picnic and you can even connect two, or as many towels, by clipping each tag to the other. Last, but not least, each towel can be hung by its label, like a piece of artwork.


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