Beautiful yet innovative microfibre towels

Sand Free

Long gone are the days of having undesirable sand-filled towels with our artistic microfibre towels at the forefront of technology. The microfibre towels allows for you to make memories whilst leaving the beach behind with the power of a simple shake.

Fast Absorbing

The material is made from a blend of polyamide and polyester. Polyamide is a highly absorbent and soft fabric while polyester is resistant to water and is able to dry much quicker than any other fabric.


Our towels are larger in size than convential towels, meaning they can be used for just about anything. Whether you’re spending your afternoon at the beach or pool, breaking a sweat at the gym or exploring outdoors.

Light weight

The towel can easily be rolled into its compact mesh bag, making it suitable to take on day trips or travelling.


Unlike traditional (and unexciting) microfibre towels, each exclusive painting has been created by an collaborating artist. The collection is a true expression of art being brought to reality just as if you have taken a painting from your wall and transformed it into a versatile double sided print towel, blanket or as far as your critivity leads you. 

Art, an Style of Living

The idea was born out of the life background and commitment of the founder, Uriel, to make art a true and genuine style of living.