Pleasant Mediterranean weather, tall palm trees, and bustling sandy beaches. There’s no doubt why Glenelg is so popular. With flawless views, delicious food, and countless activities for all ages to enjoy, a vacation here could never go wrong. Founded as early as the 19th century, Glenelg is the perfect blend of rich cultural heritage and modern lifestyle. Enjoy early morning strolls on one of the trails, soak up a bit of the history, splurge at the shops on Jetty road, and indulge in the vibrant nightlife—there’s never a boring day here.


With a picture-perfect painting of the streets of Glenelg, this towel captures its laid back vibe flawlessly. The perfect addition to your beach vacations and trips to the pool, this soft and functional towel is sure to be your favourite.


  • Material: 20% Polyamide and 80% Polyester
  • Comes in a mesh bag
  • High water absorption
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • 1.75m x 0.95m - 69" x 37"
  • Large and Ultra Compact
  • Sand Free
  • Printed on Both Sides
  • Silky Touch


SKU: AD202107
GST Included

        Caring for your Artistic Towel is          easy:


    • A gentle machine wash up to 30 degrees Celsius.

    • Do not bleach, dry clean, iron or tumble dry your towel.

    • Ensure you keep it away from fire.

    • Don’t mix with other cotton towels as their lint can damage in the long term the absorption capacity of the microfibre.