Jangadas are traditional Brazilian boats made of wood used by local fisherman on the northeast coast of Brazil. They are commonly seen in the many beach towns and fishing villages that dot the coastline. Our Jangada microfibre art towels transport you to this beautiful part of world and allow you to experience a bit of the local scenery and culture.


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SKU: SR201902
  • Going to the next level of being highly absorbent, light weight, fast drying, comfortable and sand free, Uriel microfibre towels are a true expression of art been brought to reality.


    They are perfect to take with you to yoga class or gym as it comes with it's own little carry bag. The bag's versatility allows you to carry other objects such as your mobile phone, keys, and water bottle. Likewise, if you are going to the beach, swimming pool, on a cruise or visiting a tropical island, the carry bag easily clips onto the towel to keep your belongings safe and hold your towel in place while you enjoy the water.


    If these are not enough reasons to embrace Uriel microfibre towels you can simply use it to stay artistic after your shower as the light weight material quickly dries your skin without leaving the towels wet or damp.


    Material: 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide

    Size: 100cm  x160cm

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