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Koala Kids Poncho

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Eating, sleeping and lazing all day seems like a dream for most of us—well, Koalas do just that. These adorable little furry creatures love perching on tall branches, enjoying a good view and the occasional cold breeze. Found nowhere else on Earth, Koalas are our little Aussie buddies and we need to celebrate them.

This poncho features a hand-painted picture of a Koala, displaying vibrant hues of greys, greens and blues. Designed for kids aged 4-7 years, this artistic poncho will quickly dry them up and keep them comfy on sunny and breezy days. It can also be opened and turned into a poncho towel or beach towel with a stunning picture of the great barrier reef.

  • Designed for kids aged 4-7 years

  • Can be opened into a towel

  • Poncho length: 63cm, width: 64cm

  • Size: towel length 126cm, width 64cm

  • Microfibre fabric