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Rio's Christ the Redeemer Beach Towel

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$65.00 AUD

Escape to Rio with This Stunning Double-Sided Christ the Redeemer Beach Towel!

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Rio de Janeiro with this luxurious beach towel, featuring a vibrant double-sided print of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. Made from a premium blend of 20% polyamide and 80% polyester microfiber, this towel boasts exceptional water absorption and dries lightning fast, ensuring you stay comfortable all day long.

Here's why you'll love it:

  • Double-Sided Design: Experience the magic of Rio and Christ the Redeemer from both sides!
  • Ultra-Absorbent & Quick-Drying: Say goodbye to lingering dampness. This towel soaks up water efficiently and dries in a flash.
  • Large & Compact: The generous size of 1.75m x 0.95m (69" x 37") offers ample space to relax, while the microfiber fabric folds up incredibly small for easy carrying.
  • Sand Resistant: Leave the beach and the sand, behind. The smooth microfiber weave prevents sand from clinging to the towel.
  • Silky Soft Feel: Indulge in the luxurious, silky-soft texture that feels amazing against your skin.
  • Convenient Mesh Bag Included: Comes with a handy mesh carrying bag for easy transport and storage.

More than just a beach towel, it's a statement piece!  This beautiful towel is perfect for lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun at the beach, or picnicking in the park. It also makes a fantastic gift for travel lovers and Brazil enthusiasts.

Don't wait - bring a touch of Rio paradise to your next outing! Order your Christ the Redeemer Beach Towel today!