Luxurious art-inspired microfibre towels. Curated with aspirations, imagination and love at heart. Indulge at your favourite beach, uplifting yoga, powered workouts or at home. Feel well and inspired when you wrap yourself in art.

  • Model with Broome Microfibre Artistic Towel at the beach. The towel shows Broome’s famous camel ride at the beach during sunset and the full moon in the sky being reflected by the wet coastal sand. Art inspired by the red desert and clear blue waters.

    Sand Free

    Long gone are the days of having undesirable sand-filled towels with our artistic microfibre towels at the forefront of technology. The microfibre towels allows for you to make memories whilst leaving the beach behind with the power of a simple shake.

  • Uriel Microfibre Artistic Towels in a basket and inside its mesh bag. Large size, 170cm x 95cm, soft touch, compact and sand free beach towel. An Aussie-inspired art showcasing magnificent landmarks and the Aussie lifestyle.

    Light Weight and Versatile

    Whether you’re spending your afternoon at the beach or pool, breaking a sweat at the gym or exploring outdoors, our Artistic Microfibre Towels are large, compact and light:


    1.75m x 0.95m (69" x 37").

  • Model getting dry with The Great Barrier Reef Microfibre Artistic Towel at the beach. This incredible artwork has vibrant colors and an intense blue. A shark, a turtle and many fishes swimming in between beautiful and colourful corals.

    Fast Absorbent

    Our Artistic Microfibre Towels are made of from high quality microfibre that absorbs body water in a single touch meanwhile its soft and silk touch enhances comfort and cosiness.