About Us

We carry art in our core to share joy, inspire and to reconnect with emotions and memories.

Since a very young age, I (Uriel), the Founder, have had an intense connection with the ocean that was passed down to me from my mother. In many parts of the world it is believed the salt water cleanses the soul and washes away all negativity. It is a pure connection with the Spirit and Mother Earth. It is a place of pure joy where one can experience true freedom of the mind.

Art has always been a essential part of mankind because it is a vital form of self-expression and creativity. Art is powerful! It has the capacity to change one's perception and meaning of life and reconnect once again with its essence. Art makes the world even more beautiful, it brings joy and connects people from different walks of life under the same emotion and interpretation, or discussion that a work of art can evoke.

Our Microfibre Artistic Towels are the mix of energies between the Ocean and Art. 

We have been operating since 2019 at beachside markets and community markets on the Central Coast, NSW, and since then we have travelled to different locations along the NSW coast. Through our journey we have had the privilege to meet so many amazing people who have embraced our Microfibre Artistic Towels as if through them we strengthened a connection with the same passion for art and the ocean. They shared their feedback of how much they love the versatility of our Microfibre Artistic Towels because don't need to use them just as a beach towel. Some of them have said... as a bath towel, how "it's to good to use as a towel", to go to the pool, to keep in the car for road trips, "the perfect gift for somebody who has everything, but they won't have this", to send for family and friends overseas, to frame it, use as a blanket, and many many others... To our beautiful customers we sincerely thank you for your support.

To find out more about why our customers love our Microfibre Artistic Towels, please check out our Collection.